Amateur Videography Never Had Such Great Audio!

Have you ever wished you had a microphone that worked like the zoom lens on your camera? That’s exactly what the Sound Shark was designed to do. Never miss the chance to capture the audio of unexpected family moments because you were too far away.

The Sound Shark microphone is also perfect for recording amateur sporting events. They’re also great for documenting family get-togethers so you can enjoy those special moments for years to come.  YouTube videographers are also impressed with the quality of sound and portability the Sound Shark provides.

Play Ball!

The long-range pickup of the Sound Shark microphone makes it ideal for recording sporting events. Its versatile directionality separates the sounds of the game from the sounds of the cheering crowd, so you can capture all the action without worrying about background noise. You can take our word on that. Sound Shark Audio is a division of Klover Products – the leading manufacturer of parabolic microphones used for professional sports.

Tell Us Your Story

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