Bird Watching Enthusiasts Will Love Sound Shark’s Clarity!

The Sound Shark parabolic microphone is ideal for capturing bird songs.  The Sound Shark’s long range allows bird watching videographers to record their favorite birds from afar. It does so by recording audio that matches the close-up shots of the birds being filmed. The Sound Shark parabolic microphone allows bird watching filmmakers to produce videos that truly make the viewer feel like they are experiencing the birds up-close.

The Mismatched Audio

Bird watching experts know a telephoto lens will let you get a great close-up shot of an elusive bird, but if your audio sounds too distant your video can be ruined.  Use the Sound Shark parabolic microphone to record great audio to match your great video.

Submitting Your Birding Story

Have you used a Sound Shark in a unique way to record birds?  Share your story with us and we will send you a Sound Shark T-shirt!